Watching a trolley full of plants being loaded into the truck bound for a retail nursery or landscape project provides a grower with an incredibly rewarding feeling.  Nurturing your crop involves protecting the plants from pests and diseases, frost or heat damage, drying out and over-wetting.  It’s been said “if growing plants was easy everyone would be doing it”.

Ideally, a grower could purchase a potting mix containing a...


Walk into any supermarket and you will be bombarded by products claiming to be ‘organic’.  From breakfast cereals to cleaning products, rump steak to bananas, we are experiencing somewhat of an organic boom.

But how does one know if the product is actually organic? 

What does organic even mean? 

Many consumers are unaware of the guidelines surrounding the use of the term organic, and nearly everyone is confused when it comes to w...


In this third article published in Groundswell magazine on potting mix properties, Geoff Cresswell explains how the physical, chemical and biological properties of a potting mix influence plant nutrition.

Plants require 16 elements for healthy growth and to complete their reproductive cycle (Table 1). These essential elements, are divided into major and minor elements based on the amounts required. In addition, there are other...


The air content of a potting mix can significantly influence the growth and health of container plants.

A potting mix must supply the roots of a plant with air as well as water. The importance of air to the health of container grown plants is often underestimated.

The air content of a potting mix is measured as the air-filled porosity (AFP). This is the volume of air held in a mix after it has been thoroughly wet and drained exp...


The potting mix is a foundation stone of nursery profitability.

A good quality potting mix can:

  • Shorten the production cycle by minimising stress.

  • Reduce the cost of water and fertiliser.

  • Improve plant health and natural resistance to pests and diseases

  • Increase uniformity and reduce throw out percentages

  • Improve the quality and after sale performance of plants.

  • Reduce the cost of production.


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