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GrowFibre – The new ethically sourced, sustainable growing substrate from AGS.

Australian Growing Solutions have developed Australia’s first GrowFibre facility, designed to significantly improve the sustainability and environmental footprint of Australian growing media production.


The production of GrowFibre consists of the thermal and mechanical defibration of local, ethically sourced Australian softwood chips, to create a sustainable wood fibre substrate. This process generates temperatures that can exceed 100°C, thereby making a sterilised and safe material that can be used as an ingredient in growing media. 

GrowFibre can be typically characterised as a substrate that has low bulk density, high total porosity and very high air content. It makes it an exciting alternative to current substrate additives such as coir pith, peat and sawdust.

Another significant benefit of GrowFibre over coir and peat is the fact that it is produced using Victorian wood chips. This reduces the carbon footprint of the material in shipping and transport, and importantly, supports the local horticulture and forestry industries.

Talk to your AGS representative about how you can take advantage of these benefits and have GrowFibre incorporated into your sustainable growing substrate.

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Check out the latest case studies of GrowFibre from around Australia.  Click on the link below.

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