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GROWBAGS – The new sustainable and locally produced solution for hydroponic growers.

Australian Growing Solutions are now producing GROWBAGS in Australia containing locally sourced, sustainable ingredients which is revolutionising the hydroponic market.

GROWBAGS make planting out easy, helping you with labour difficulties by bringing the growing medium and growing container together with pre-cut drainage and dripper holes.


GROWBAGS are available in a range of bag lengths up to 1000mm.

AGS can custom blend the contents of the GROWBAGS to suit grower's individual requirements.  With a range of substrate ingredients like GrowFibre, composted pine bark and peat, the options are endless.

Through our expansive freight network, AGS can deliver GROWBAGS to all regions of Australia.  Having an Australian made solution eliminates the challenges of importing goods and provides peace of mind for growers.

Talk to your AGS representative about how you can take advantage of the benefits of GROWBAGS and let us offer a tailored solution for your operation.

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