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AGS have developed a specially formulated rooftop growing media, designed to hold moisture while not becoming too heavy.  
Suitable for a broad range of plants and container sizes, this mix will be the perfect choice for any rooftop or indoor garden beds or pots.  
AGS Rooftop Mix contains enough nutrition to last for over nine months, and comes with SaturAid wetting agent included. 
We can also produce a bespoke mix specifically designed for your project.  
Contact us to discuss your project and we can provide you with more information
Our world class blending facility provides us with the ability to keep all material off natural ground throughout the manufacturing process, eliminating weed and pathogen contamination.  
The automated batch blender provides our customers with a perfectly blended product, every time. 
The AGS quality assurance team fastidiously test material from its raw state, all the way through to finished product, ensuring only the highest quality media is supplied to the market.
Our on-site laboratory tests all required physical and chemical properties to ensure that it meets and exceeds industry standards.
Australian Growing Solutions is a NIASA accredited growing media supplier with EcoHort certification. 
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