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12 McKirdys Road
Tyabb 3913
Tel 1800709588
Fax 1800709688

Terms and Conditions


1. “Debco” means Debco Pty Ltd – 12 McKirdys Road Tyabb Vic 3913. ABN : 45 125 781 633

2. “Customer” means the company or individual purchasing goods from Debco Pty Ltd

3. “Goods” means products and or services purchased from Debco Pty Ltd

Damages and Returns

It is the customer’s responsibility to check each delivery for accuracy. Any damage or breakage to product delivered to the customer occurring in

transit, short delivery, or incorrect supply, must be reported to Debco Pty Ltd within 7 days of delivery. Any damaged goods recognised at the time of

delivery should be immediately returned with the delivery driver to Debco.


External Carriers

In the event of the customer instructing Debco to transport purchases with a carrier other than a nominated Debco carrier,

Debco will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to goods in transit, once goods have been received by that carrier.

Delivery Times

The delivery times made known to the customer are estimates only and Debco shall not be liable for late delivery. Under no circumstances shall Debco

be liable for any loss, damage or delay occasioned to the customer, or their customers, arising from late delivery of the goods.

Your Debco representative or our Customer Service department can advise you of your delivery cycle if you are unsure. In the event that you miss the

order cut off, Debco will take all available measures to deliver the stock to you prior to the weekend trade. If Debco is unable to deliver the order using

Debco delivery vehicles, it may be necessary to use an outside courier. If a courier is required, current courier rates will be charged for the delivery.

A quotation of this charge will be given to the customer prior to despatch of the goods.

Cancellation Of Orders

If orders are required to be changed or delivery dates altered, please advise Debco Customer Service immediately.

Orders can only be altered up to the point of dispatch. Failure to advise Debco of cancellation of orders that have been dispatched will incur a freight

charge from Debco to the customer’s location and to return the stock from the customer back to Debco at current applicable rates.

Pallet Exchange

Bulka Bags and Bagged goods are supplied to the customer on Pallets. The pallets are supplied free of charge on the basis of Pallet exchange.

Therefore, with the exception of an opening order, it is a condition of supply that an equivalent quantity of empty pallets are

returned to the Debco driver at the time of the next delivery. Example: If 10 x pallets of stock are delivered, 10 x empty pallets

should be returned to the Debco driver.

Minimum Order

The minimum order for bagged goods or a combination of bagged and carton goods is $300 excluding GST. The minimum

order for carton goods is $200 excluding GST. Orders below these amounts can be made, however a freight charge will

be applicable at current freight rates.


Victoria and New South Wales metropolitan deliveries are made FIS – ( Free Into Store ) providing minimum order quantities are

met. All other destinations are made FOB – ( Free On Board ). Debco can arrange freight into other destinations, however a freight

charge will be applicable at current rates. Debco defines the geographic boundaries for metropolitan and country borders.

Conditions Of Supply

Debco supplies goods to the following businesses. All businesses must be registered, and the customer’s ABN number must

be supplied, prior to an order being placed. Registered Retail Nurseries, Registered Wholesale Nurseries and Commercial

Growers, Registered Landscapers and Government Institutions. The Customer must have an association with the Nursery industry.


A Goods and Services Tax is payable at the current rate of GST on all purchases of Debco products.

Payment Terms

Credit Accounts – A customer may apply for a credit account with Debco Pty Ltd. To obtain a credit account with Debco,

the customer must fill out and submit an official Debco application. Applications are assessed, and may be declined at Debco’s

discretion. Payment terms on credit accounts are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice. The company reserves the right

to refuse supply until outstanding accounts are paid.

Payment Before Delivery ( PMTBD )

Payment must be made prior to order being dispatched. Credit cards accepted by Debco are: Visa / Mastercard or Direct EFT ( direct deposit ).

Please contact Debco for banking details if required.

Cheque Before Delivery

Payment must be made prior to order being dispatched. Payment can be made by Cheque, Credit cards accepted by Debco are: Visa / Mastercard or

Direct EFT ( direct deposit ). Please contact Debco for banking details if required.